Snow White



If the Grimm Brothers were to write the story of Snow White today, this would be it! With enchanting illustrations moving with the physics of the iPhone or iPad, the story comes to life before your eyes. Completely interactive, explore and immerse yourself in the world of Snow White, the Dwarves, the Evil Queen and even the Huntsman.

♥ Read to Me Options! Great for kids and adults who enjoy being read to! The story will be read to you as you interact with the animations and explore across the kingdom of Snow White! Take your time with each scene and enjoy! ***Now, choose from a male or female narrator.

♥ Touch, Roll, Drop! Each page has a tremendous amount of interactive content. We wanted to create a completely interactive and immersive experience, helping the story come to life. Touching everything you see on the screen or move your device to see what happens. Can you find all the secrets? ***New, additional layers of gameplay using the physics of the iPhone and iPad

♥ Enjoy the Storybook animations! The Grimm Brothers didn’t know about cartoons when they wrote Snow White so even though we all know the story through the animated movie, we set out to create more of an actual storybook feel like the original book. At Fairytale Studios, we look to recreate the authors original vision of these classic tales. But don’t get us wrong, we love cartoons too!

What reviewers and parents are saying:

“This is one of the best apps we have ever downloaded”

“This is a really great app for kids of all ages as it has various interactive activities and improves their memory”

“The artwork is fabulous and this app is quite well done. A good job with the story and its fun to see what comes alive as your reading!”


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