Preschool Safari


Preschool Safari is a toddler scavenger hunt! Armed with a trusty camera, you can go on safari to find the exotic animals in Africa and across the world. Featuring endless gameplay, Preschool Safari makes it it fun for kids to explore the world and learn the names of new exciting animals.

Featuring endless gameplay, easy controls and original music
• Unlimited gameplay, there are always things to find and problems to solve
• Great for learning to take pictures
• The menu’s and controls are extremely easy and straightforward
• All music is original and fun

Featuring Three Worlds of Discovery:

African Safari
• Explore the African landscape and find Lions, Elephants, Giraffes, Hippos and Gazelles!
• Featuring Baobab Trees and exciting watering holes, can you find all the hiding places?

Mountain Safari
•Up in the mountains where the weather is clear is an entire ecosystem of animals to find!
• Featuring Eagles, Bears, Squirrels, Buffalo, Wolves and many more!

Farm Safari
• The farm is home to many animals like Pigs, Horses, Sheep and Cows!
• Featuring fruits across the farm, can you find them all?

What’s the perfect Age? Designed for ages 2-5, but can be enjoyed by anyone young at heart

Privacy Protection
• We take online safety and parental control as a top priority. The app contains a Parental section with links to other apps we have on the App Store. There is a parental gate to ensure your child cannot enter this section unless you give permission. Just as safe as reading a book or playing a game from your very own bookshelf, Preschool Playhouse is made to be a safe environment to relax and let your child play. 




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