Preschool Playhouse



Preschool Playhouse takes you and your toddler across an exciting adventure of learning games and imaginative sing-alongs. Come play with Sophie and Sam in the playhouse!

Learn Colors!
• Hop into the tub and play with the soap and bubbles, can you make light blue?
• The colors learning game helps teach colors in a familiar setting, it is endless entertainment even for those that are already masters of the rainbow

• Go on safari with Sam and Sophie, can you find all the animals and fruits?
• Endless gameplay allows for exploration
• Great for learning to take pictures

• Sophie and Sam have imaginations that span into the ocean, can you help them count fish?
• Fish are quick to swim away, how many are there? Which ones are matching?
• Counting fish is fun and educational, but not as easy as it looks!

Music Jam!
• Play your own music and rock out to nature, what instrument is your favorite?
• Featuring four instruments to play along to: Guitar, Ukulele, Banjo, and Electric Guitar
• Tap on Sam and Sophie to play the music and play along with them in the yard

Musical Sing-Alongs!
Enjoy some of your favorite children’s songs in an interactive and exploratory setting! Every song has been completely re-written and recorded especially for Preschool Playhouse. Original music and artwork creates a special experience for you and your chldren. It brings a unique and warm experience that has never been seen or heard before! Songs include:
• Mulberry Bush
• Itsy Bitsy Spider
• I Love the Mountains
• Rub A Dub Dub

All Ages
• Designed for ages two and up, but can be enjoyed by anyone young at heart

Universally Compatible
• Read and play on your iPhone and iPad with no additional purchase necessary

Privacy Protection
• We take online safety and parental control as a top priority. This app contains No ads, No personal information gathering, No social network integration, and No in-app purchases required to continue playing. The app contains a Parental section with links to other apps we have on the App Store. There is a parental gate to ensure your child cannot leave the app unless you give permission. Just as safe as reading a book or playing a game from your very own bookshelf, Preschool Playhouse is a safe environment to relax and let your child play




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