• Fairytale Project: Map Making

    Fairytale Project: Map Making

    Tucked alongside old report cards and macaroni Mother’s Day cards in plastic pins at my mother’s house are dozens of hand drawn maps I loved making as a kid. Some of these maps were very loose renderings of our street as secret spy headquarters, 19th century whaling ship ports, a dude ranch, and a sugary […]
  • Fairytale Studios Bean Project Part 2

    Fairytale Studios Bean Project Part 2

    By now, those little beans should be sprouted, so now its time to move on to the next stage – planting them! Here is what you will need: lease options options – Pots – Enough little pots or another type of container for the amount of plants you want; must have holes in the bottom to […]
  • Fairytale Studios Bean Project Part 1

    Fairytale Studios Bean Project Part 1

    Springtime is a magical season and nothing embodies the magic of spring like plants peeking up out of the ground after a long, cold winter. As a kid, I remember wondering just exactly how pussy willows were able to transform into leaves and how roses could be so big and beautiful after growing from such […]
  • Happy Advent!

    As the first day of December, it is also the first day of Advent season.  One of my favorite holiday traditions as a child was waking up every morning and seeing what treat was behind the window of the day. In celebration of the holiday season, we’ve put together a little post that gives a […]
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