Fairytale Studios Bean Project Part 1

Springtime is a magical season and nothing embodies the magic of spring like plants peeking up out of the ground after a long, cold winter. As a kid, I remember wondering just exactly how pussy willows were able to transform into leaves and how roses could be so big and beautiful after growing from such a tiny seed.  Plants may not have brains like ours but they are no less miraculous and amazing things! Watching a time-lapse video of bean vines stretching out and latching onto a stick for support is something to behold, as if time is running in a slower and more relaxed way.

So lets teach kids something cool about plants! We are proud to present the Fairytale Studios Bean Project in celebration of our hit app Jack and the Beanstalk! This project aims to help kids appreciate the wonders of life as they watch the tiniest beans shoot up and sprout into a plant. The best part is this can be done anywhere with a bit of sunlight; you don’t need a backyard to grow these little guys. So join us in this Bean Project and we encourage you, our devoted followers, share with us your own Bean Projects! Asit takes a few days to grow beans, here is Part 1 to get you started. Look for Part 2 next week!


  • 1 – 3 clear glasses (can be plastic, glass preferred for better visibility)

  • Paper towels (enough to fill the glasses)

  • Shredded newspaper (to keep the paper towels in place, we want the beans to be placed firmly against the glass so the paper towels will keep them moist)

  • 1 – 3 different types of beans (kidney, chickpea, or any other type…experiment! Let your kids choose what type they want to grow! Sprout a few of each different types in case one is a dud)

  • Masking tape and a pen (so you can label which beans are in which glass)


Fill the glasses with paper towels and make sure there is enough pressure on the sides so that your little beans will stay firmly against the glass.

Pour a few centimeters of water in the glasses and add a few centimeters of water so the paper towels are nice and moist.

Place the little beans on the sides of the glasses. Put a piece of masking tape on the bottom of the glass and write the type of beans on each plant, so you know which one is which. To make this project more fun, encourage your kids to name these little beans! Now its time to wait and watch the beans come to life!

 To encourage your kids to be little scientists, maybe plant just one type of bean (chickpeas and kidney beans grow really well) and decide together on a few different places to put the beans. Will a sunny windowsill make the beans sprout quicker or would a dark closet encourage growth? Or you could plant several different types of beans and put them all in the same place to see which type of bean grows best. Encourage your kids to check on their beans everyday so they can watch changes taking place and ask them what they see. They could even draw pictures!

Plant those beans and watch them grow! We would absolutely love to hear about your own results, so please post comments or send us an email! While these beans are growing, what better way to inspire your kid’s imagination than with our newly updated Jack in the Beanstalk app? If you haven’t already checked it out, head on over to our store! Thanks for reading and stay tuned for Part 2 of our Bean Project, coming next week!