3 Ways to Make Your Easter More Magical!

My absolute favorite time of the year is right now, at the very beginning of spring. The birds begin to sing again, the days become longer, and the world wakes up once more from its long winter slumber. I always feel the gloom of the long, cold winter months begin to melt away with the snows around Easter and all I want to do is be outside. This Sunday is Easter Sunday and whether you celebrate the religious holiday or not, this weekend is the perfect opportunity to sprinkle some spring magic into your kid’s lives! Here are three ideas to help make your Easter more magical!

1)   Add Some Glitter!

Everything is more magical with a little more sparkle! If you are dying Easter eggs, paint half an egg with craft glue and sprinkle the glue heavily with your choice of colored glitter – the brighter the color, the better! Allow the glittered side to dry completely before turning the egg to the other side and doing the same. Once the eggs are all dried, hide them outside, if the ground is dry and free from snow, and let those little kiddos look around for their little sparkling treasures! Another way to add some sparkle to your life is take a walk by a river (if you have access to a river, of course) – nothing glitters as beautifully as running water and every kid should see that nature is the most magical thing of all!

2)   Start a Spring Book Tradition:

One of the best ways to make an event special is to start a yearly family tradition. We recommend reading out loud a fun story that celebrates all things spring. Beatrix Potter’s delightful Peter Rabbit books are a good place to start! If you are religious, you can make the holiday more special by reading the important stories about Passover or the resurrection of Jesus Christ together. The meanings of holidays can often be lost on kids with the overstimulation of presents and candy, but taking some time to read together about the meaning of the holiday can add some wonder and meaning into that extra time off from school.

3)   Enjoy Nature Waking Up!

No matter if you are religious or not, spring is a season to be celebrated and Easter is a perfect time to enjoy the beauty springing up all around! This Sunday, take the kids out for a walk and look for spring flowers. Get far away from noisy cars, so they can hear the birds. If like me, you live somewhere that won’t see green grass for a few weeks yet, take the kids out to look at snow melting in rivers or simply to enjoy the rays of the sun. Wherever you live, go outside for a nice, long walk this Sunday and show your kids the magic of nature!

Have a beautiful easter weekend and let us know in the comments below what makes your Easter magical!




Photo Credit: Galen Bradford, Glacier National Park, August 2010